Friday, December 31, 2010

Clamshell Club - 12/31/2010

As expected with all the Christmas preparations, I didn’t get as much done on the clamshell front in December.  But somehow, I managed to baste a few more shells.  There aren't many left to baste!  This project will have to be put aside for a bit longer as I try to finish up my sister’s quilt and work on two baby quilts for dear friends, but after that, some hand piecing might be just what the doctor ordered.

Sorry . . .

I haven’t been around much this month.  Part of it was due to trying to get Christmas presents sewn, and part of it was due to just general life craziness (including 9 people in my family getting the nasty stomach bug that’s been going around in the days after Christmas).  But I am here now, so I’ll try to do a little catch up on what I’ve been up to and try to get back on the posting bandwagon.
January is going to be a very busy month for us, so I’m not sure how much sewing/crafting will get done.  If I don’t post much, it’s because I’m going pedal-to-the-metal from dawn ‘til dusk (and beyond).  Hopefully by February I’ll be back to more regular posting.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Doll Dress #352

. . . is another wadder.

Okay, so maybe not 352 tries, but I am so.done.with making doll clothes.  Can I please just finish these last couple and move on to better and easier things, like grocery bags?


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