Sunday, March 8, 2015

Two Rowan Tees

Today I’m sharing my first finishes of the year (from back in January) – two Rowan Tee hoodies.  The pattern is by TitchyThreads, and just like the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern, I love this one.  It has a bunch of options, but I made these the same way.  I think it’s a great basic tee pattern with plenty of possibilities depending on your goal. 

I made two hoodies with long sleeves and hemmed sleeves and body and topstitched just about every chance I got – shoulder seams, armhole seams, hood seams, neck seam.  It really made things look nice. 
The girl’s hoodie is a size 8 and is made from some Oliver + S knit I’ve had in the stash for a while.  (Yep, I have some girly fabrics even though I have two boys – sometimes it’s too hard to resist!)  I have no girls to try it out on, but I’ve heard it fits the recipient. 

The boy’s hoodie is a size 6.  The black knit is from a size 2XL t-shirt, and the Star Wars fabric is a quilting cotton.  I got my Sam to try it on (he’s a size 5 right now) and got nervous because it barely fit over his big head and didn’t seem that much too big on him – and he’s a skinny mini.  (Total sidebar - how cute is he?)  I kind of wanted to keep it for him.  But it was destined for a cousin.  Luckily, it appears the hoodie fits said cousin well since he is skinny. 

One note about the woven Star Wars fabric – I think next time I combine the knit and woven, I might make the neckhole a touch bigger, just because the woven doesn’t stretch with the knit and it was hard to get over Sam’s head.  I don’t think it’s the pattern since he has this problem with store-bought hoodies as well, but it’s a thought if you want to go the combination route. 

These were my last (sewn) belated Christmas presents, so I was glad to have them off my back.  But I do love the pattern and have plans and fabric for a Planes version for Sam.  And now I want to make another Star Wars version for my boys since that one turned out so cute. 


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