Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Update

I've been a slacker, but in my defense I am 38 weeks pregnant and beginning to get a little miserable.  This baby is super active and it HURTS when he is kicking me all over.  I am ready for him to get out, and I know I could have 2-3 more weeks of this!

Here's the last picture I took - a comparison of 36 weeks with my firstborn and with this baby:

All in all, I am still doing pretty well (no pre-eclampsia this time and still able to do a good bit/be active around the house), but the constant headbutting of the cervix and backache makes me cranky by 2pm.  Plus, I finished my big projects at work, so I am doing little things and trying to stay busy while I wait for baby (I like to be busy so this drives me bonkers).  I know there are women who have it a lot worse than me.  I'm still hoping for and am good to try for a VBAC, so here's hoping it's sooner rather than later.

And don't worry, I have been sewing up a storm.  I'll try to get a few posts up with the things I've been sewing - I have been lazy and taking pictures with my phone rather than the nice camera (which is all charged and packed up for the hospital), but at least you can get an idea.


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