Sunday, August 4, 2013

Will's Nursery

It's been a great while since I checked in.  Will is 4 months old, I'm back at work, the garden is finally coming in, and life is just hectic.  But we are trying to do some fun things this summer with Sam as a family, so that is fun too. 

I was home from work with Sam the other day, so I took a little time and photographed Will's nursery.  There is one more project I'd like to do for over his crib and the curtains still haven't been hemmed, but I figured I needed to get some pictures anyways.

This room is impossible to photograph with my regular lens, but I tried my best.  I didn't style much since I was doing this while at home with a sick kid (he's fine now).  It's a small room, but perfect for a nursery.  The walls are Analytical Gray by Sherwin Williams.  It is a perfect warm but not pink gray and works really well with the stained trim (bane of my existence).  For reference, here's my original mood board for the nursery.

I did get the stuffed puppy (it's made by Jellycat), and I sewed the quilt (in this post).  The rocker turned out different - I used my great grandma's glider but didn't get around to reupholstering it.  It works with the existing faux leather for now.

I love the gallery wall.  Love, love.  The top left picture is one I drew when I was 5 years old - my cousin found it and gave it to me for Christmas.   The frames are Ikea and Michaels and Target.  The clock was from Lowes.  The Fe canvas I made using a DIY image transfer method.  The footprint canvas is Will's one-month footprint.  The W is from Michaels - I painted it black and distressed.  The baskets on the changing table shelf are from Target, the bins on the bottom from TJMaxx - both are Curver brand.

The changing pad cover is one I made from large buffalo check fabric.  I tried to improvise, and it took me three tries to get it right.  I should have just followed the tutorials I read instead of trying to be cool and do it my own way.

Curtains I made from white linen-look fabric.  The curtain rods are EMT electrical conduit and wood craft finials I spray painted ORB.  The blinds are fruitwood ones from Home Depot, and the wall lamp is from Lowes.  Rug and ottoman are from Target.

 I had planned to do a large rustic map art over the crib, but I haven't finished it yet.  So for now the TJMaxx art hangs over the end of the crib.  I made the crib skirt and sheet.  The sheet is black and white hounds tooth; I also have one with cows on it.

I should have taken photos of the closet, but I was lazy.  I painted out all the shelving while I was pregnant and added baskets.  His clothes are so cute hanging on the tiny little hangers inside.  I didn't style the bookshelf - the top shelf is stuffed full of newborn cloth diapers he's outgrown.  One of these days I'll get a tote and put them in the storage room.

 This hook was a wedding present from some friends, and now it holds little ball caps in the little corner between the closet and window.  It's just a cute detail that makes me happy.

I'm pretty proud of this nursery; I feel like it's my best room yet.  There are things I'd like to tweak/add, but I pretty much did it all myself while I was pregnant with William, and I adore this room.  I think it is a good take on my original mood board, and if the boys ever need to share a room I think the decor from Will's room and Sam's room will blend really well with each other.

*Crib and changing table we had from when Sam was a baby - they are Delta Martine collection.  And the bookshelf is from Target.


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