Friday, June 23, 2017


It's been a long time, my friends.  Over a year. The last you saw me, I had a baby bump. 

Well, no more.  The baby is 9 months old!
 In September we welcomed our daughter Evelyn.  She was dressed in mama-made from the start.
She's just begun pulling up to stand consistently, so walking is coming soon.  I am still nursing, but I really miss sleep.  I don't think she'll sleep through the night until she's weaned.  Luckily for me, that'll happen in August when I'm away at a conference for a few days.  Mama is just tired.  And tired of being tired.

A lot changes with three kids.  There's just more to do every day.  Plus work.  And church.  It doesn't leave much time for DIY projects or blogging, or even sewing.  Like right now, 10pm, I should be using every second of potential sewing time, but I'm writing this instead, and then I'll probably go to bed.  Because: tired.

But, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Evie is starting to be able to play and take good naps on the weekends.  My boys are at the age where I can send them outside to the back yard and tell them not to come back inside unless they are bleeding.  On those rare weekends or evenings when we aren't following a busy schedule, I am starting to find some time to sew again.

Another reason to dust off ye olde blog is that I feel like God has been nudging and nagging me to begin selling quilts.  I put up my Big Cartel shop last year(?), but I feel like I need to try harder, possibly go to Etsy or Facebook.  No time makes this hard, but I am taking baby steps.

I can't promise a regular schedule, but I'm hoping to get some home projects done later this summer and fall, and hopefully some of those will be helpful in making our family and home operate more efficiently.  I'm definitely not wishing away the current phase of life, but I can see the new phase in the future and am looking forward to it. 


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