Monday, November 15, 2010


It was quite the package day today - diapers for Sam, the comic book backer boards I ordered to use for fabric organization, and my Connecting Threads order.  I've been really good the past few months, not buying much of any stash and only a few bits and pieces for upcoming projects (and everything on sale).  So I was very excited to open up the box and find:

Bed & Breakfast 2.5" strips (for The Farmer's Wife quilt)
Golden Afternoon 2.5" strips - just because I've wanted them or a long time
Christmas 5" Squares
Quilters Candy Solid 2.5" Strips (to use in a Paintbox Quilt a la Oh Fransson!)
And this quilt kit - it's a crib size, but I thought it was cute.  It will go in the guest room.

And some progress shots - I can't divulge any details of this project, but you can see I've made 4 of these particular nine-patches.


  1. What a treat you received today!
    All those fabrics look great.
    Small world...I too am waiting on a package from Connecting Threads ;)
    Their catalogs are always so much fun.

    Those nine patch blocks are really Adorable!
    Love the color combo you chose for them.
    Best wishes on completing all your holiday projects!

  2. Thank you for the little fabric show...lately I have been so bogged down by life in general. It is good to "quilt" through blogland instead. Now I am off to see what quilt your 5" squares will make!!

  3. Tis is the strips that will go into the paint box....I love it. Where is my connecting threads catalog? I am going on a hunt for it! :-D

  4. How fun! I'm hoping my order will show up tomorrow.



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