Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dotty Owl

This is the big Christmas project I was working on.  It didn't quite get finished in time, but I sewed the label on this afternoon, and it's ready to go back with my sister to college in Nebraska. 
 Below is a closeup of the friendship star I "hid" on the back.

 The whole thing - it's a little less than 60"x60" because I had to cut down the outer rows (someone cut the backing too small . . .)  It's quilted in loop de loops around each polka dot/flower.
Closeup of the owl (from the Mister Who pattern by Carol Burniston and Barbara Brandenburg). 
My sister loves owls and blues and greens.
 The backing

Finish #1 of 2011

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  1. Rachel,
    I ran across your blog today while looking for homemade baby shower gift ideas. Your blog is ADORABLE and impressive! How did you teach yourself to machine quilt? That's one of my did you get started? Also, belated congrats on your little boy-your mom kept me informed. I'd love to pick your brain about quilting!-find me on facebook-Nicole D Groves.(formerly Teerlink)



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