Saturday, April 23, 2011

Faux Egg Vase Filler

Everyone seems to be doing it this spring - making Pottery Barn Knockoff egg vase filler.  Here is my version.
I started off with some Dollar Tree foam eggs - the glittery ones with ribbons for hanging.  I got two dozen ($2).
Then I went through a very scientific process involving dipping the eggs into sample jars of paint and hanging them on unbent wire clothes hangers across our step ladder (with cardboard underneath to catch drips).  I bought the blue but had the cream and brown/tan on hand already.
Two coats later, I cut off the ribbons, put all the eggs in a box, and flicked some brown craft paint on them (using a little paint brush and my finger - it was messy).  

Voila!  Faux egg vase filler.  Not too bad for $5 in supplies.  I think they go just fine with my larger Kroger eggs and my thrift store apothecary jars and bunny.

1 comment:

  1. Hello! Love it! I'm totally copying you next Spring. :)



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