Saturday, January 21, 2012

Farmer's Wife Quilt progress

Two (plus?) years after getting The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt, I've finally started it.  I did a couple of blocks a while ago, and they sat on my design wall, but then these last two weeks I finally recovered from Christmas sewing, and the book called to me. 

I've made 18 blocks so far.  And just yesterday I finally found some repro-feel yellows and neutrals to help me get a few more blocks going. 

I've been trying to stay true to the original block colors, but I want this quilt to go in our bedroom, so on some of the wilder-colored blocks I have been substituting in more reds and browns.

Here's an EQ6 drawing that shows the blocks where they go in the quilt.  They aren't all rotated properly, but I realized I need to start keeping track of colors and fabrics and make sure the lights and darks are spaced evenly throughout the quilt.  I also added an extra row to make the quilt larger (in between a queen and king), but I'm following the original layout and adding extra blocks to the last row.
So far I've enjoyed working on the blocks - I don't mind the templates at all, but most of the ones I've done so far have just been rotary cut (easy math).  I did print out templates for several blocks on freezer paper today so they are ready to go.  Martha Pullen has free downloads of the templates by block rather than by template.

This isn't going to be a dedicated project (I have some curtains to finish and a baby quilt to get quilted), but for the moment I'm enjoying focusing on it. 

Here are the blocks individually (I cropped them so they'd appear as finished).
#111 - Wrench
 #34 - Flock
 #21 - Contrary Wife
 The log cabin is one of the extras I came up with and added.
 #11 - Broken Dishes
 #70 - Prairie Queen
 #69 - Practical Orchard
 #4 - Basket Weave
 #41 - Friendship Star
 #73 - Rainbow Flowers
 #76 - Sawtooth (this one is rotated funny)
 #61 0 Northern Lights
 #18 - Century of Progress
 #27 - Darting Birds (I trimmed the body of the birds a little funny, but I wasn't about to redo it).
 #1 - Attic Windows - also rotated funny
 #3 - Basket
 #14 - Butterfly at the Crossroads
 #2 - Autumn Tints

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  1. These blocks are gorgeous! I love the fabrics.



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