Thursday, June 28, 2012

On my Mind

I slacked off a couple weeks on posting.  My bad (I used to hate when people said that).

We've been spending most every evening in the garden lately trying to keep ahead of the weeds and planting a few late tomatoes and sweet potatoes.  Sam likes all the time outside in the dirt, and he's insisted we help him catch (fire) flies once it's dark.

Any other free time has been spent trying to keep us in clothes and clean dishes . . . sewing, home projects, and internet time has taken a back seat. 

But here's what's been on my mind a lot: Wedding Flowers
{pictures from various online sources - search for baby's breath, dahlias, pomanders, sedum, and snapdragons}

See, I'm doing the flowers for my brother's wedding in six weeks - it has been a quick three-month engagement.  Our growing season has been strange this year, hot and dry, cold and wet, hot and dry.  Everyone around here is reporting issues with veggie crops and flowers.  I've been trying to source flowers (I am growing some), figure out how many of each I need, and make it work with her color scheme - coral (not the easiest to find in flowers).

I've narrowed it down - a dahlia bouquet for the bride, baby's breath bouquet for the bridesmaid, rose and carnation pomanders for the flower girls, baby's breath and herb boutonnieres, dahlia, sedum, and herb corsages.  For the aisle and reception - sedum, roses, dahlias, wildflowers and grasses, and snapdragons for half of them, baby's breath for the other half.  Accents of burlap and jute twine.  I just need to pray for some rain and keep those dahlias growing.  But I'm glad to have things figured out and sorted.  And yes, I have a spreadsheet.  With multiple tabs.

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