Friday, June 27, 2014

Farmer's Wife Friday - 6.27.14

Farmer's Wife Friday is back!

I've been back at it on and off this month.  I really want to enter this quilt in the fair in August, but this time of year is busy with gardening and outdoor activities and trying to spray paint all the things while the weather is nice.  I'm feeling my mojo now, though!

Two corners done!

Current stats:
- Bobbins Used in Quilting: I'm currently on #26  
- Hours of Quilting: 35.75 so far
- Hours of Stitch Ripping: probably an hour so far
  (half an hour the other night with a few minutes more tonight)
- Blocks Quilted: 98 (plus lots of setting triangles)
- Blocks to Go: 30 (plus setting triangles and border)  

And just a little peek at my practice - I stuck some extra border scraps on the overflow backing and batting.  That was my first attempt at feathers; I draw them better than I quilt them.  My hearts and swirls are better.

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