Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gypsy Wife QAL - October Blocks

We're almost done!!!  Just a few more blocks (and a bunch of strips) to go in the Gypsy Wife Quilt-Along.  The October blocks were a bit challenging from a fabric selection standpoint.  I'm trying to use different combos but make sure the colors are spread out evenly.

Here are the "big" blocks.
Nurses Cross - not perfect in the center but I still like it.
Old Maid's Puzzle (I made the half square triangle blocks and then realized those are for next month so had to go back and do these).
And the filler blocks.
Next month are the last few blocks, and then it's assembly time.  It's always nice to have this QAL as a break from other projects each month.  It's the first QAL I've actually done along with everyone (not finding it after the fact), and I've enjoyed it so much that I'm already trying to figure out quilt-alongs for next year. 

Linking up with the QAL at iamacraftykat!

1 comment:

  1. Yay!! Love your blocks. I am so happy you have enjoyed the QAL. Congrats on getting the blocks done, good luck!!



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