Friday, February 13, 2015

Sparkle Punch Baby Quilt

Today I’m sharing my first quilt finish of 2015 – a baby quilt for my nephew.  My sister-in-law is due in March, and I threw her a baby shower a couple weeks ago, so I had to have an awesome gift.  
The pattern is the Sparkle Punch QAL by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh!Fransson.  I started off planning for a 48”x48” quilt, but partway through I was getting tired of the sew, check, press, trim, press, trim for EVERY PIECE OF EVERY BLOCK.  So I changed it to a 36”x48” quilt.  Quicker to finish, and I can use the extra squares for another project.  
The effect of the crazy pressing and trimming is awesome, but the whole obligation sewing thing (even when I am the one deciding on said obligation sewing) combined with my sewing ADD/flakiness was putting me over the edge with this one.  I have something like four new projects I want to start (plus my UFOs), so I wanted to get this one done.  
I was 75% done with the top and had a slump.  A couple nights procrastinating and I finally put on my big girl pants and finished up the top. 

By that time I was on a deadline, so I made this quilt my biotch and finished it up stat.  
I do like the color scheme and the fabrics.  They are mostly new, but I have leftovers to add to the stash.  Can I just say, the steak fabric is freaking awesome, especially since we are a farming family.  It’s from the Farm to Fork collection by Lily Gonzalez-Creed for Windham.  The mustard/gold Glamping dots are pretty nifty as well.  And the Moo fabric is Milk Cow Kitchen by Mary Jane for Moda.  I have some of the feed sack fabric from that collection waiting for the right project.   


  1. I think it's fantastic - lucky baby! And you're right, that steak fabric is amazing!!

  2. great finish ! the wonky blocks are really nice, I tried a few when but I'll have to exaggerate the "wonky" part so they look more intentional instead of just poor sewing ! also love the farm fabrics you were able to incorporate - very appropriate :)



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