Monday, February 28, 2011

Clamshell Club - February 2011

I forgot last month - sorry!  All this progress is actually what I was doing in January; there hasn't been much action this month.  But since I forgot, here is where I am now.
You see - I actually started construction!  I'm just lining them up and pinning one at a time and hand-stitching away.  I'm not worried about perfection for this project.  It is about 55" wide since this will be a throw size.  And I realized I didn't have enough greens, so I found some more green fabrics and have just now started cutting them out and basting them so I can get back to piecing.  Let me tell you, it's going faster than I expected, and it's FUN!
This will have to go on the back burner for a bit as I quilt one baby quilt, and piece and quilt another one.  But it's a great TV watching project.


  1. Great progress already. They look very nice. Clamshells are fun I agree. I have a different update today. Qick and easy.

  2. Construction has begun and looks wonderful! Love the mix of red and green.

  3. What pretty progress you've made! I'll be looking forward to your updates, it's going to be a beauty.



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