Monday, May 2, 2011

Clamshell Club - April 2011

I didn't do an update last month because I didn't have any progress.  This month isn't much better . . .

 I added 1.5 clamshells to the top.  Maybe I'll do better next month. 

I am still excited about this project; there has just been a lot of baby quilt sewing and house renovating-type projects going on lately.  After I finish the current one, I am sewing up some curtains, and then it is nothing but fun sewing - pillows, sundresses, quilts I want to make . . .


  1. Never mind the progress. As long as you like the pattern I am sure you will have a quilt one day! I expected my clamshell quilt top to be finished in February but live takes strange turnes sometimes. My new deadline is July....!

  2. Any progress is good!!! Looks wonderful!



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