Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baby #2 Nursery Inspiration

I worked on a post about all I did this weekend, but I don't have pictures or too much completed work to show yet, so I thought I'd share our news about Baby #2.
It's another boy!  I had wanted a girl at first but got to the point where I didn't care as long as it was healthy, so I am happy.  I love my Sam so much, and I have always had this feeling I'm going to end up with a houseful of boys.

Here's the "mood board" I put together for the nursery:
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Either warm brown caramel or light/airy beige walls with red, black, and white/cream accents.  We have espresso furniture.  I never got a glider/rocker with Sam, so I would love one like the Restoration Hardware one pictured, but that one is not in the budget.  I love the rustic/vintage/sophisticated accents and gallery wall, and somewhere there has to be black and white gingham - will definitely be making a sheet from it.  And the quilt - I have the pattern from 2006 when it was featured in AP&Q, so I'll be making a 48"x48" version.

I've already sweet talked my 83-year old grandma into making up some hats from patterns I found on Etsy.  She is going to crochet the baby something anyways, and she'll do it better than any attempt I could make.

I'm so pumped now to work on all my projects to get the house and nursery ready for our newest member - halfway down, and methinks the second half is going to go fast!

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