Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sam's New Closet

I have finished Sam's closet in his new "big boy" room.  Well, basically. 

Here's a before, the day we got the keys.
And here it is now.
A few things - seeing hangers on the rod, I need to move the hat/belt rack to the left a bit, and I didn't factor in enough space for getting the hangers on and off the rod.  So I will be using some scrap wood to add another inch or two between the rod and shelf.  Don't tell Hubby - I'm hoping he won't notice until after it's fixed. 

What I did - added shelves around the bump out for the air return.  The baskets hold most of Sam's clothes, pretty much everything except his button-down shirts and polos.  I also changed out the rods, from several short ones to one long one.  I feel like this is a much better use of the space and can grow with Sam.  And of course there is space on the top shelf for storage.  I'm trying to go through things in his current closet (in the soon-to-be nursery) and only move over those things he actually needs.  Definitely going through a purging stage as far as closets go. 

And yes, I did it all at 20+ weeks pregnant, the measuring, cutting, everything.  :-)

Now I just  need to fix those couple small things this weekend . . .

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