Monday, May 20, 2013

A little something

Will is already outgrowing his newborn diapers, so I have started on bigger ones.  The plan is for mostly one-size pockets to use at daycare and around the house, but to also have several sized fitteds to use with diaper covers.
Over the course of a couple days in early May, I managed to get this one done.

I learned a lot from his newborn diapers - what patterns I liked, which fabric combos worked best, where to and not to apply snaps, my preferred method of inserting elastic, etc.
This diaper is a size small fitted diaper made from the Very Baby pattern.  It's a knit print on the outside, a middle layer of microfiber (microfiber auto toweling from Costco), and an inner layer of microfleece.  Plus a sewn in booster of microfiber and knit print, and a snap-in soaker of microfiber and microfleece.  I had to try it out as soon as I finished it.  Of course after I snapped pictures I put a cover on over it.
So cute!
And when I changed him later the microfleece was just damp in the front, so it seemed to do a good job with my heavy wetter.
Now onto the other 29 or so . . . eventually I'll get them all done.

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