Sunday, June 9, 2013

Garden Work

There was some straw and chaff left over from baling the barley, so we hauled it over to the garden and used it as a weed preventer.

Saturday morning . . . we had made a little progress during the week.  It had rained a bunch, and we needed to get the straw off the trailer so it didn't get hot and catch on fire.  I set up the playpen with a sheet over the top for Will.  Sam alternated between playing on his swing set and helping pull weeds/spread straw.
Sunday afternoon . . . complete. 
It hurt to blow-dry my hair,so I'd say it was a good workout.

I go back to work Thursday . . . I miss my coworkers but I'll miss my sweet baby more.  I like being a homemaker, and we have just found a bit of schedule these last couple weeks.  Oh well, the bills won't pay themselves.

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