Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Viking Down

My Viking 180 - purchased when my mother was pregnant with me and passed on to me when I was in college.
She's hurt.  :(
I took her for a cleaning, got her back, sewed a set of curtains.  Another night sewed a couple seams on some Christmas presents, went to put Sam in bed, and came back to a burning smell and smoky sewing cave.

This appears to be the culprit.  That burned looking piece behind the power cord socket.
She's in the shop now - hopefully it's something simple that is easy to fix.  Eventually I'd like a new sewing machine with a bigger throat for quilting, but for now I want my old girl fixed and running again. 

My Brother is working overtime right now while the Viking is getting fixed up.  Fingers crossed I get some good news from the tech soon.

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