Monday, January 13, 2014

Finally Ready - A New Year

It's been so long.  Things have been so interesting the last several weeks. *I'll intersperse some random pictures because this bad boy has gotten wordy.*

Of course I am still working on the new normal - life with two children, working full time, being a farm wife, plus all the projects I want to do to improve our house and all the sewing projects I have spinning 'round in my head.  I have been able to get some things done, but I haven't posted.  Because really, when you've gotten everyone off to work and daycare, put in a day at work in front of a computer, made supper, bathed and gotten babies to sleep, and have an hour or so before bedtime, are you really going to sit down at another computer and blog, or are you going to sew?  I sew.  It's my therapy, my calm.  It literally makes me calm and happy.  If I'm mad at my husband, I go down to my sewing room - better to cut some fabric than to (figuratively) cut him. 

Anyways, on to the last few weeks.  On December 11 (two weeks before Christmas) my parents had a chimney fire.  I was scheduled to have my wisdom tooth (just one) pulled, so I was off work.  The actual pulling wasn't that big a deal, but I was humming Christmas carols through it just to keep my mind off the fact that he was pulling a tooth from my mouth!  On the way home, my husband called.  Luckily, none of their important belongings were damaged.  However, between the smoke smell and restoration work, it's not really livable right now (it affected the main living spaces), so they've been living with us.

I have a guest bedroom and bathroom and a family room and den, so it's not a horrible setup.  They miss their own space and all their things, and we miss our privacy, but all in all it was very lucky that everything happened just the way it did.  I will tell you, there are some little projects and things that Mom and I had planned but didn't get to because we were lazy, and that ended up being a blessing.  God is so good, and you never know why things do or don't happen until you look back later. 

Between the fire and Christmas, everything got sideways.  Our Christmas was kind of bedraggled and not quite as festive as normal, but we still enjoyed it.  Then it was New Year's and the kids started a new daycare (another story and post).  Along with all that, we've had illness.  First, I had my wisdom tooth recovery, got worn down from cleaning out the smoky house for two days, caught a 24hr stomach bug (luckily a very mild case), was healthy for a few days, then got pinkeye right after Christmas (along with Sam and Mike and my sister-in-law).  Got over that and got another cold not two days later.  I'm dealing with it now. 

So that's life these days.  Never a dull moment around here. 

And we just started lambing season, so I'll be dragging the kids to the barn to help out with the baby lambs here soon.

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