Friday, January 31, 2014

Miriam’s Quilt (Great Granny Along)

This is Miriam’s quilt.  She is a wonderful woman who runs an in-home daycare and has watched my children since we moved back to my hometown.  Sam absolutely adores her, as does Will, and as do I.  It was such a change from the commercial daycare we had used back in Blacksburg, but it was fantastic.  The kids have so much fun, they are able to run and play when the weather was nice, and when checking daycares she was one of two in-home daycares that the commercial ones would recommend.  She is a gem.  Her family is wonderful as well, and they cared not just about our kids but about our family.  So it’s easy to see why she deserves a quilt. 

But why did I make her a quilt now?  Well, she and her family are moving – they received a mission call to run an orphanage/foster home, and they felt they needed to do that.  It totally and utterly stinks for us (yes, I am selfish about it), but I know that they will provide something special to the children they’ll work with. 
I made plans for the quilt, got it cut out, and started working on it back in the summer.  But it got pushed aside some and is just now getting finished (I had to finish those Christmas presents first).  I loved the Great Granny Along that was going around (or had it already gone around – I always seem to be behind on the hot quilts), and I had a roll of solids that was sitting around.  Since they are Mennonite I tried to keep to solids and small prints as a nod to the Amish/Mennonite heritage, although there are some bright colors in the quilt.  (Different Amish and Mennonite congregations have different rules about the use of certain colors, printed fabric, home décor, clothing, and all other kinds of things.  I am curious about that kind of stuff anyways, so I just asked her one day about her church rules and of course noted what I saw in their house from time to time so I could follow any restrictions.)  I made the quilt throw size (and trimmed the blocks too small by accident), using this tutorial from Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet.
The kids started a new daycare at the beginning of the year.  It’s a commercial one.  It’s fine and a good place and they are doing well there, but nothing will ever be the same as Mimi’s house.

Even though we paid her, I could never thank her enough for the love she gave my babies while I was working each week.  A quilt is one way I can try.  


  1. This is just gorgeous, such a striking quilt!

  2. I just noticed this when I stopped by for the Sunday Stash.... And wanted to compliment your Great Granny! It is a beauty! I am doing a granny square tutorial this coming week and wanted to know if I could use your picture and link back here. It is a gorgeous sample of another twist on a classic block!



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