Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Quilt for Susan

This is the last quilt I completed – and really I guess the only quilt I’ve completed since my Scrappy Trip-Along quilt in May.  Gosh.  That’s sad.  But I’ve got a bunch in the works now, that’s for sure. 

Anyways, back to my original topic.  I knew my mother-in-law would like a quilt from me, and I figured what better than a quilt (something I love to do) made with fabric from my stash (that I need to use).  The pattern is Canyon Trails in the June 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting (with the finished size adjusted).  It is a traditional and simple pattern, but putting the blocks on point and alternating the lights and darks make it a bit more lively. 

To make it even better, I pulled fabrics that would go with her home and that I no longer loved (not that they are ugly per se, they’re just not my style anymore).  So it was a win-win in that respect.  I got a few of the fabrics worked down to the scrap basket!  The back is pieced from leftover green yardage (green is her favorite color).

I pulled the fabrics way back, started cutting out the quilt in October(?), and then it sat.  I made a few blocks, and it sat some more.  I just didn’t get much sewing done with a young infant.  But then it got down to the wire.  I needed to finish this quilt – it was a week before Christmas!  I really thought I’d have to give my mother-in-law a quilt top with an IOU on the quilting.  But somehow – somehow – I not only finished the quilt top, but was able to quilt it, bind it, and wash it to give her on Christmas morning.  I kid you not; I pulled it out of the dryer Christmas morning after the kids saw their Santa presents, wrapped it up, and hit the road to give it to her. 

It is quilted with Baptist fans.  This was a new design for me.   And it was the first attempt at quilting on my new sewing machine (blog post coming, I promise).  I was nervous about trying a new design and not marking it and such, but it actually wasn’t hard, and I got pretty good at it.  

It was also my first attempt at machine binding (remember this was Christmas Eve night after the kiddos had gone to bed, so I was in a time crunch).  That didn’t turn out so great.  I had to fix several places, and I’ll readily admit it’s not my best work and is the one thing I wish I could change.  At some point I might offer to rip it all out and hand bind it for her, but I guess if it doesn’t bother her I won’t worry about it.  

She really loved the quilt and admitted she had wanted me to make one for her.  So I can check that off my list. 

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