Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

Another year gone.  I decided to make some collages of my projects this year as a way to look back with them all in one place.

This year saw four quilts finished.  My Farmer's Wife quilt (top left) won 1st place at the county fair and 2nd place at the State Fair.  The Momo Baby quilt (bottom right) will be for sale when I get my shop going over the next couple of months.  Two of these were on the UFO list.
I also completed five quilt tops that are patiently awaiting quilting.  Three were UFOs at the beginning of the year.

The Gypsy Wife Quilt Along - tonight I'm working on putting the top together. 

Clothing.  Still working on figuring out my body and the best way to sew for it, but I did better for the kids. 
 And a catchall of randomness.  I built a new sewing table (needs blogging), made doll beds for my cousins (but have no finished pictures!), and made an assortment of other things.  Overall, I had a pretty doggone productive year considering I work full-time.  Here's to a crazy 2015!


  1. You are spectacularly productive - and I love the look of the Christmas quilt. Do you send your quilts out for quilting or just store up the finished tops and then have a quilting marathon?

    1. So far I have quilted all my quilts myself. I pull them out as I have the urge/time. Like my Fair Isle quilt top - I was smack in the middle of Christmas sewing so had to put it aside for a bit. And with some quilts I need a break after the whole love hate love cycle.



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