Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vanilla Swirls

Meet another recent finish – the Vanilla Swirls quilt. 
If you remember way back or have trolled my archives, you may remember a WIP called Double Star Creams.  I started the quilt intending to use it on our bed.  I’d read somewhere that you should make a white quilt as your first quilt for your trousseau.  Obviously I’m a big history dork.  But that was back before I figured out some quilty things – my seam allowances were off, and the set-in seams weren’t easy.  So after some horrendous blocks and some okay blocks, it sat.  For years. 
Last year I finally figured out what to do with the poor quilt.  I made up several more blocks, decided I just needed to finish it, sorted through and picked the best blocks, and promptly turned it into a sweet, traditional, white quilt.  And for once, a great name popped in my head, turning Double Star Creams into Vanilla Swirls. 
The quilting stumped me.  I went on a basting binge one weekend and basted this quilt plus three other baby quilts I had waiting in the WIP pile.  It sat as I tackled the easier quilting on the other quilts.  I had three different ideas – baptist fans, straight lines surrounding the stars, or swirls.  I really loved the idea of the lines behind the stars.  I could see it in my mind, and it was a great effect.  But, since the quilt is a swirl quilt, I wanted to evoke that feeling.  My hang-up was mostly in that I’d never quilted swirls before.  And if you know me at all, I may look like I’ve got it together on the outside, but inside I’m a great big chicken.  *cluck, cluck* 
The other day, I finally decided I was doing this.  I’d watched YouTube videos, sketched, and read tutorials.  I propped up my Angela Walters book beside my machine and just started.  And it wasn’t too bad.  Lots of stopping to figure out where I was going or which way the next swirl should go, but not bad.  And I think the end result works.  It’s a soft, allover pattern that goes with the soft, cream colors.  I’m very pleased.  It almost makes me wish I had a baby and a sweet nursery to decorate.  Or an airy, all-white room where I could drape it over a chair to use during cool evenings. 
Toile and tan backing with binding from backing scraps

Vanilla Swirls is listed for sale in my shop.  

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  1. Oh isn't it lovely! And so nice not to let the original blocks go to waste too :) my first quilt I made after I was married but it was blue and white!

  2. So glad you dug this quilt out and finished it! It is beautiful, love the colors. Great job!



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