Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fabric, fabric, and more fabric!

Why does there have to be so much gorgeous fabric? And why do the fabric catalogs constantly come in the mail with new pretty fabrics? It all wants to come live with me, but sadly my budget requires choices and my stash needs some attention. Of course, I manage to sneak in new goodies here and there . . .

This collection I got from Keepsake Quilting, and has big flowers and smaller coordinating prints. I was going to do burp cloths to sell with half of it, and save the other half for quilting, etc., but maybe I should do sets of 5 burp cloths instead of sets of three (the brown marble can be used for anything).

I love this Snorkel fabric from Andover that I got at I’m going to do two sets of three burp cloths, but I have enough fabric to make several sets, or I could keep the rest for a coordinating baby/kid quilt. I LOVE these fabrics. I totally want to order more to make a kids’ quilt or cute outfits. I thought they were nice online, but they are fantastic in person! The only one I’m not 200% thrilled with is the stripes, but it’s still nice, I just probably wouldn’t order more of it.

This Scottie dog fabric I got from JoAnn’s (online). I am seeing a little (toddler) girl’s dress with puffed short sleeves and a big black ribbon waistband and bow. Lined in matching red broadcloth to make it all nice on the inside. I am so excited about the thought that I kind of want to keep it for our future little girl (hopefully), but then I think maybe I’ll only have boys and I should sell it. I guess I could always sell one and order more to hold in my stash for later.

This was from JoAnn’s (online). I thought it was flannel, but it seems to be kid’s pajama fabric. So I am going to make the little man some pj’s at some point. It’s super cute with the little woodland critters.

This is Bella Baby fabric I got from Also planning to make sets of burp cloths, but ones backed with a coordinating Minky or terry cloth instead of diaper burp cloths. It’s much better in person than the online pictures. I’m not a fan of baby blue in general, but these are cute prints, and I know lots of people love the baby blue. (I’ve come to appreciate it more since my boy looks so good in baby blue.)

I couldn’t resist this fabric even though it wasn’t part of a collection. I’m not sure what to do with it except maybe make a set of identical burp cloths with it? Save it for a baby quilt? I’m sure something will come to me. I have a half yard of it (18”x42” – any suggestions?)

Definitely burp cloths for these flowery fabrics from! A set of two.

I was thinking a cute little sundress for this alphabet fabric from Keepsake Quilting. Maybe order more for use in a quilt? It’s super cute.

I had eyed this at my local JoAnn store on clearance. It’s somewhat old lady, but for some reason I am drawn to it. One day it will be in some kind of quilted something.

Freaking cute dinosaur flannel! It was 50% off, so I got two yards because I couldn't decide what to do with it and wanted to make sure I had enough. Either a onesie or a shirt for the little man, or maybe pjs when he's a bit bigger. And then maybe use leftovers in a flannel quilt for him? The background is more of a cream than the picture shoes, and the colors really pop when you're actually looking at the fabric.

And other fabric I found at JoAnn's. The pink cotton will be for my quilting stash, the blue and green floral a cute baby girl's dress, the middle print for my quilting stash (I'd been eyeing that one a while), the jungle interlock will be clothes for the little one.

And the rest of the day's finds. Black cotton with white embroidery will make a cute shirt or skirt. And buttery yellow eyelet fabric will make a cute summer top (I don't think I have enough for a sun dress).

Now I need to get cracking on using all this stuff so I can buy some of the fab new stuff in the spring catalogs! :)

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