Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sorry for the Absence . . .

It's been busy around here.  We had our son's christening on the weekend of the 6th, last weekend we were watching my sister graduate high school and visiting friends on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and this weekend we traveled to see the in-laws.  I have managed to do some sewing along the way, usually beginning around 10pm, which means I've been staying up late.  Makes it hard to get up in the morning (my son thinks 5:30am is a good wake-up call).

I've been working on more flying geese, with a baby quilt coming along as a leader-ender project.  I'm almost finished sewing the larger baby quilt blocks just from using them as placeholders.

Today I cut into my new fabric:
Moda's Freebird by Momo - Eggs in Grass(?) and Geranium.  Yum!
 Yes, more geese.  It's what I do these days.  Interesting enough, I'm not tired of them yet, and I tend to be a flit-ter (I get bored easily).  Here are the pretty 2.5" strips before they got cut into squares.
I'm still not done cutting them, but I've made progress.

Today I also counted all the squares and geese I have and updated the spreadsheet (yes, I'm an Excel geek).

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