Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not Much Sewing Going On

around here.  I haven't sewn since I finished the Huskers blanket for Sis last Friday night.  It's just been too busy, first with her party, my son's baptism and picnic, then DH and I got a nasty tummy bug, and then working and attending to some other life business has left me beat at the end of the day.  And it's not just sewing, neither of us has exercised this week at all (that's not helping in baby weight loss department).  Tonight we are weeding the garden, cleaning, and packing for our weekend trip.  I'm hoping to sew at least a couple of seams tonight for some much needed stress relief before our busy day tomorrow.  I'm thinking I need to pack one of my cross-stitch kits for the car ride.  I haven't done that in a while.

Okay, off to get started, but here's a picture of some uneven four-patches I made from scraps of the play apron a few weeks ago.  This might lead to something . . . someday . . . when I have free time . . . ?

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