Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Strep Throat Edition

I’ve been a bum lately.  Last week I was just off my sewing mojo, and then Sunday I came down with strep throat.  Let me tell you, strep throat as an adult stinks!  I’m on day 4, and things are getting better, but man is my throat raw and sore.  It is a beauty when you look in there with a flashlight.  And my husband tells me I’ve been snoring. 

It’s been quite a ride the last three months in my house with various illnesses.  We’ve had the perfect storm for incubating all the germs.  My parents living with us after their chimney fire exposed us to all the germs they bring home from their jobs, the kids going to a new daycare for two months exposed us to all those lovely bugs, and I’ve brought stuff home from my work – plus the weather hasn’t been conducive to people staying healthy this year.  It’s been a hard winter both weather and illness-wise.  Hopefully we’ll turn the corner soon.
Anyways, where was I?  Oh yes, not much to show the last couple weeks, what with me being a sewing bum.  It happens.  I have done a little more chain piecing on my Burgoyne Surrounded / APQ Quilt-Along blocks.  I have nine center sections done and lots of other parts sitting around in various stages.  Truthfully, I’ve only worked on it in sneaky 15 minute increments here and there in the mornings.  But at least it’s progress (no matter how slow) and not sitting in a box like my other UFOs.

I bought the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from Titchy Threads and got all the pieces cut out for both kids.  Material is selected, threads and most of the notions purchased (the notions about put me in the nuthouse poorhouse – jeans rivets and snaps are expensive!).  I still need to order a roll of buttonhole elastic, and then I think I’ll be set to try my first pair sometime soon.  If I don’t get to them before April, they’ll have to sit awhile – Easter outfits will take precedence then. 

The Farmer’s Wife quilt hasn’t made much progress this week, but we’ll talk about it on Friday. 

Here's a little #honestcraftroom for you.  This needs to get cleaned up big time before the end of the month.
If I can get this strep gone for good and get my mojo back, I’m mentally primed and ready to go full throttle. 

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