Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clamshell Club - September 2010

I made good progress during September.  I started the month just trying to finish cutting out the clamshells.  At some point I realized I didn’t have enough red fabric (I had more yardage of green and cream and had just small amounts of the different red fabrics).  So I found more.  I still am not exactly sure how many clamshells I will need for a throw size quilt, but I’m thinking several hundred, and I’m pretty certain I have enough cut out. 
Last weekend I was with the ladies of my mom’s family at a house in the mountains of North Carolina .  I started on some more basting.  Not wanting to set up the ironing board or mess with glue, I decided to try that nasty thread basting technique.  Wonder of wonders, I actually enjoy it!  Here’s my stack of thread basted clamshells, just from the weekend and car trip back home.  There are 112 of them.
I’m trying really hard not to work on the clamshells at home, since they are supposed to be a travel project (and since I have lots of other projects to sew at home).  It’s hard, but I will be good.  This weekend starts our fall of traveling.  I’m not sure there will be much/any sewing since I have a library book I need to finish.  But I think by next weekend I’ll be done and ready to dive back in.  Teehee.


  1. Wow! Lots of basting. I didn't think I would like doing that part, but I do! :)

  2. Oh you're making such great progress.
    It's good isn't it, when we get a roll on.
    Fantastic!! Love those stacks of blocks :-)

  3. Congratulations - you've made LOTS of progress with your clamshells!
    This will be such a great Holiday quilt.

  4. Ooh, pretty-ful! They're going to be gorgeous all assembled. Prep is the time-consuming part Iv'e found, so you made wonderful progress in September!

  5. You've made lots of progress -- and it's going to be such a wonderful Christmas quilt!

  6. Rachel, wonderful work! I love your stack of basted clams.
    I tried skipping the basting part all together, but reading of your experience and the comments I feel like maybe I am missing out, LOL!
    It's going to be a gorgeous quilt,
    so nice to meet you and looking forward to the halloween night clam report!

  7. your little project box looks very much like the one I posted about today! Love those clamshells!

  8. GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! I sooooo love to hand baste...well, I just like handwork in general...I guess that goes back to my cross-stitch days!!
    I think you have made GREAT progress!!!!

  9. You have done a lot of work this month. It will be good to have them all prepped ahead so you can just keep sewing them.



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