Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Hat #1

Okay, so it’s just a small finish, but I feel better getting something done.  Here is one of the baby hats.  Hubs asked who it’s for, and I told him I was just trying to use up the scraps from the Celtics and Patriots fleece blankets.  I added the pom-pom to the pattern.  It’s Simplicity 3582. 
 My model didn't want to cooperate.
And I basted 8 more clamshells last night while watching TV.  I had to do something quilty before my sewing mojo completely abandoned me.  Next up is Baby Hat #2, then Barbie clothes for Christmas presents.  I’m trying to finish some projects that have been sitting around, but it’s hard with Christmas coming and limited sewing time.  I’m going to tape a copy of my sewing/quilting list above my machine to try and keep myself accountable.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the turned out Adorable!
    Thanks for sharing the pattern number too.
    Your son is a beautiful baby - I love the pictures!




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