Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clamshell Club - October Update

Better a little late than never . . . we were out of town this weekend, but I wanted to wait until we got back, since I actually got to ride in the passenger seat this time . . .

In October I managed to baste 87 clamshells.  I didn't get to work on this as much as I had hoped, but still, 87 is not bad for a few here and a few there.  The new stack is on the left.  I guess altogether I now have 199 clamshells basted.  There's still a good amount left in the box to work on.
And here are a couple of my favorites - actually, there are a lot more faves than just these . . .


  1. 87 clamshells is a good month! They're really starting to pile up! Can't wait to see how you decide to assemble them.

  2. You had a very good clamshell month indeed!



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