Tuesday, October 19, 2010

State of the Studio

Studio – ha!  I mean my little spaces of sewingness spread throughout the house (I don’t really have a dedicated sewing area right now).  Anyways, here are pictures of what’s been going on, since there hasn’t been much actual sewing.
Barbie dresses for Christmas presents
Fabric for more Barbie clothes
Partially cut out grocery bag a la craftster.org (my “sample” before I start in on the gifted ones)
Basted clamshells – I think I have 57 more basted so far this month.
*Two* of my many projects-in-waiting
I also have 10 yards of fabric coming my way soon – 7 yards of it are for gifts, the other 6 half yards were on sale and are for my Farmer’s Wife Quilt stash.  I heart Fabric.com.
Perhaps I should quit blogging and get sewing?


  1. You have alot of projects going on there!

  2. Wishing you great success upon the completion of those holiday gifts you have planned!

    Nothing expresses LOVE better than Hand Made gifts :D




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