Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I've Been Cutting

Haven't sewn since finishing the burp cloth, except to add a selvage or two to my first selvage block.  I'm going to try a few and see how they go.  I'm not so sure of this first one.

Oh, and I did make up some quick sheers for our kitchen window (from an existing panel) so we didn't have to look at the construction going on next door (and so they couldn't see in).
But I've found a lot of stuff and cut a lot of scraps from the blue bin. 
There are still two grocery bags of scraps to cut, and I have lots of yardage that needs to be folded properly and organized, but that is not as big a task as controlling the scraps. 
 I definitely feel like they are more usable cut into strips and squares than the odd shaped pieces they start as (see below for an example - and it's not nearly as funky shaped as some of them).
From a funky shape . . . to neat 1.5", 2", and 2.5" squares and an odd triangle.
You might be wondering where I got these random scraps.  Well, some of them are from things I have made, but most of them are from an estate sale I attended with my grandma when I was a kid (probably middle school).  There was a big box of scraps along with a thing of buttons and other odds and ends that we bought on the cheap, and I've kept them for years because I  might use them (but I haven't in probably 10 years).  So I'm trying to get them in usable order.  One small step in controlling my ridiculous stash.

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