Sunday, August 22, 2010

Christmas Clams

My clamshell project has begun.  I got my book in the mail (and it was fabulous!  Definitely going to use it for more quilts than just the clamshell one!), made my template, and started cutting into my stash of Christmas fabric.  Here are pics of the first fabric . . .
That was last week.  Since then, I've cut up several more fabrics, but I haven't glue-basted any more.  I hope my pins and needles get here in time for our trip Saturday! 

I have also decided to start another project, but - it's a secret!  I will tell you it's my first attempt at foundation piecing.  I'm very excited at the possibilities. 

Other than that, not much sewing going on here; been busy with life.  We've been trying to can the tomatoes that we have running out the yin-yan and attempting to keep up with cleaning and those sorts of things.  The little one continues to get into trouble - this is his attempt to help me weed the flower beds (the things that happen when my back is turned . . .). 

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