Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clamshell Club Update – 8/31/2010

This was my first month of the Clamshell Club.  I got off to a slow start, but I never claimed this would be a fast project.  I decided to use Christmas fabrics from my stash – this will bust over half of them.  I'll have to get some new Christmas fabrics to finish the quilt, but at least I did use from stash first (a big deal for me).
I spent most of my time cutting as my supplies started trickling in (mylar for the template, a book for the pattern, appliqué pins and straw needles, etc.).  So far I have this stack of cut clamshells . . .
This stack of glue-basted clamshells (some of them are coming unbasted, Yikes!) . . .
These sets of sewn clamshells . . .
And this set of pinned clamshells . . .

I like it so far.  I guess I am most worried about having the colors balance, since I am going for a super scrappy look.  I like order and planned and pretty, so random scrappy is a challenge for me. 
I was a little sad that I was only able to piece two sets of clamshells on our trip the other day, but I think it will go more quickly if I pin a bunch before we leave (pinning in the car is difficult).  We will be doing a lot of traveling this fall . . .
I wonder how long it will take me to accumulate fabric for, cut, baste, and piece and throw-sized top? 


  1. Oh, I like the idea of Christmas fabric! You are off to a great start. Sad about your glue-basted clamshells. I am not a glue person myself. I'm stitching in one long row and wonder if it would be easy doing them in sets. Something else to try one day!

  2. The prep is the tricky bit, once you get to stitch it goes more quickly. I can't pin in the car either! The scrappy look will end up beautiful. A tip: if you think you'll need more fabric get it now so it's more evenly distributed - you wouldn't want to run out of those gorgeous reds halfway through!

  3. Your clamshells look great. I love scrappy. In fact, the scrappier the better. I sew mine in rows. I find that easier, so it is interesting to see how you do yours. There doesn't seem to be a right or wrong way to do these wonderful little shells! A great 'on-the-road' project, but I agree, prepping them before getting into the car makes things much easier.

  4. Wonderful christmas. It is not december yet, but wil be soon. Especially with this project.

  5. OHH A Christmas Clamshell what a lovely idea. I don't like glue so I baste then tack the seam down.

  6. I love the idea of using christmas fabrics. They are looking great so far and I am looking forward to watching your quilt grow.



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