Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gray Floral Dress - Simplicity 2703

It's finally finished!  And I actually wore it to work!  (That's a big deal for me.)

Dress alone (after a full day of work):
The alterations I made to the pattern were good - the hips ended up being a little big, so I took them in a hair from the zipper down, and I made the front darts deeper, but the length was good, and neckline was fine.  The armscyes were a little tight, but that was more an issue when I was slouching, and I can fix that for next time.  My zipper went in on the first try. *gasp*  That never happens.  The pattern was easy to follow, and went together quickly.  The material is 55/45 linen/cotton, and it's the same collection as the green skirt.  I didn't line the dress, so I had to get a half slip for underneath (facings cover the top half), but that's okay.  I just didn't have the patience or time to figure out how to add a lining.  As I get the alterations down pat, this could become something I make several times over in the future.

Dress with cardigan (work look):
Eventually I am going to make a gray jacket to go with it, but I haven't quilted in some time, and my little hands miss straight seams and flying geese.  And not having two machines, *hint, hint dear husband* I can't move from quilting to sewing and back easily, so if I start a garment project, that's all I get to do until it's done.  For a flitter like me, that's torture.

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  1. Very nice! I like how the cat matches the dress :)



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