Saturday, February 6, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I've been slacking on the blog front this week. But I've been busy. Here's what I've been up to.

Finished piecing the Baby Beahr top. It was way too big for a baby quilt, so I ripped out a row and made it 48"x48" (still big, but a more manageable size). Then I had to figure out my quilting design, and settled on butterflies in the squares and stippling on the sashing and border (with some random butterflies on the border - whoops, another to-do!).

Thursday I took a detour and went to Sew Biz in Radford. I found the ugliest, coolest fabric. It's so ugly, but I love it (pic later, I promise - it's a mustard yellow with blue and red paisley). I got sidetracked and tried to design a quilt using it as the focal fabric. I also saw some fabric that I want to get, but I needed to design the quilt first and figure out how much to buy.

Yesterday, the snow closed work early, so I spent a good part of the day tracing the butterfly designs onto tear away stabilizer for quilting templates. (The doggie wanted to help.)And then pinned them onto the squares.I also made a label and attached it to the backing (I wanted the quilting over it to really make it permanent.).

Quilting plan is to quilt butterflies first, then stipple in long rows (with stippling crossing in intersections). That means today I have to pin my quilt sandwich and practice some more butterflies on scraps (this was my first attempt).


  1. Hey Rachel! How do you make your labels? I have several quilts I want labeled and I can't really figure out how I want to do them.

  2. Sara, I Googled them and read some. The one I liked was to take muslin and cut out 2.5x4.5 rectangles, back with fusible interfacing. Once cool, write with fine tip Sharpie or fabric marker. Then attach to quilt back, either prior to quilting or at the end with a whipstitch. You can leave the edges raw or tuck under for a finished edge. There are also printable labels online if you want to print onto muslin backed with freezer paper (I think that's what they recommend printing on).



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