Thursday, July 15, 2010

*Chair Dance* :D *Chair Dance*

I had an epiphany about the baby quilt!!!  I was thinking about how I have the brighter solid-looking fabric, and then the more vividly patterned fabric with the light background, and how I wanted to use a sashing/background fabric but wanted *POP* and contrast

I had thought if only there were some way to surround the light/patterned fabric with the bright/solid-looking fabric . . . and then this morning at like 5am Ka-pow!  Economy blocks! – the simple version (I guess a lot of people call it Square in a Square, but I have always seen that as the Economy block). 

The blocks will be set on point with sashing in between.  I had planned on doing a pieced backing, and I believe I will still be able to!  Yee-hah!  I’m excited to finally have a solution!  Don’t you love all the exclamation points?!?! 

Here are my 6 half-yards of fabric . . . I told you it was themed . . . The colors on the bottom are brighter than they appear in this picture.  Fabric is By the Sea by Johnny Karwan for Clothworks and was purchased from Fabric Shack and Over the Rainbow.  Do you know how hard it is to find cute crab fabric?
Now I want to start cutting and piecing blocks!  But I said I was going to work on the green skirt tonight . . . guess I should do that.  Oh well, now that I have a plan, I can let the crabs rest for a bit while I work on the other priorities.  I love white solid sashing, but what do you think? 


  1. LOVE the crab fabric. I wish I had a reason to make a crab quilt. Maybe our next baby will have a crab themed Nebraska...weird... lol

  2. Our last name is Crabb and we live in Maryland. We are expecting twins and plan to decorate the nursery in bright solid colors with a few crab themed items. I have been searching everywhere for cute crab fabric. I went to the sites above and no luck.

  3. Where did you end up finding the crab fabric? I am also having a hard time finding some. Living in MD you would think we could find it anywhere. :)

    1. I found it at the sites mentioned in the post, but that was a couple of years ago. You might be able to find some by googling the collection name (By the Sea for Cloth works) or maybe search on Etsy?



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