Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I need to focus. I am bored with all my projects and want to jump into new ones, but that is against my goals for the year. I’m not doing so swell on my goals. So this post is me re-working my plan for the rest of the year.
  • Farm Gal’s Folly – Oi! This is so much work. I still don’t have anywhere close to enough material. I’m way behind on my daily quota of geese blocks. I love the thought of the project, but I’ve decided to scale it back by one quilt (one of the recipients I’m not so close to anymore). So 5 quilts instead of 6. Still a LOT of work. I may not make it by Christmas. But I do want these ladies to have these quilts. So I keep chugging along. What I really need are some awesome sales or a trip to a quilt shop to find some fabrics I haven’t seen yet. At least I don’t hate the geese yet. Did you see the pretty plastic containers I got for my current projects? It’s nice to have all the pieces in one place.
  • Remember my Double Star Creams quilt for the master bedroom? Mary said I should think about scaling it down somewhat so I could just get it done (since I’ve been working on it for, like, 3 years or so). I was resisting, but I’m thinking now about a table runner and maybe some other small projects with the blocks. I have 13 blocks complete and several cut out, so I guess first things first is to finish sewing up the blocks and then go from there.
  • A Punch of Piccadilly is coming along as a leader-ender project. I am almost finished with the 4-patch blocks and will start on the 16-patch blocks after that. I love seeing the pile of finished blocks grow. It’s fun to grow a second quilt just from a seam here and there. 
  • I have a green floral skirt cut out and sitting. The lining is finished, but the skirt itself, well, I’ve been putting it off. It won’t take long, and the hardest part will be inserting the zipper, which isn’t all that hard (at least, not when I’m well rested and in a good mood).
  • The gray floral dress that I cut out this weekend is waiting patiently. It really won’t take too awful long to sew up, but I am procrastinating. I tend to procrastinate on clothes because I’m scared I’ll do all this work and they won’t fit. I made alterations to the pattern based on my measurements, so I’m doubly nervous this time. I just need to suck it up and get on it.
And now for new projects I have on taps for the rest of the year (in addition to those WISPs above).
  • The Summer Star Sampler Quilt Along – I totally am going to make this quilt; it just isn’t going to be at the same time as everyone else. I came up with the bright idea to bribe reward myself for exercising with fabric for this quilt. I did well the first two weeks, but have sunk into the abyss since then (see previous post about sick baby, dog recovering from surgery, and overflowing garden). I will get back on track and get the fabric and make this quilt . . . at some point. I got my first bribe reward this week in the mail, and it was so pretty! Love, love, love, love, LOVE! The custard toile is gorgeous!
  • A throw quilt for a Christmas gift . . . I can’t give details because she may pop in here from time to time
  • A themed quilt for our friends’ little one scheduled to make his/her arrival late this year. I have the fabric, but I am beyond frustrated on the design. I thought I had it all figured out, but now, I am back at square one. Gah.
  • A gray jacket to go with the gray floral dress – have fabric and pattern
  • A blue work skirt – have fabric and pattern
  • A black work skirt – have fabric and pattern
  • A (different colored) gray work skirt – have fabric and pattern
  • Random Christmas Projects
  • Other WIPs that have been languishing
Okay, this list is getting scary. And this is just what I’m hoping to accomplish the rest of this year! I totally know I can get it done (except maybe Farm Gal’s Folly). But, I think I need a retreat . . .

Tonight, I will get the sewing machine into the kitchen while canning carrots and work on that green skirt. It would be great to knock that one out.

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