Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sewing takes a hike

I haven’t been sewing much lately (again) because we’ve had a lot going on.  The biggest things are:
1)      Our dachshund slipped two discs in his back two weeks ago.  After managing his pain for a few days and some decline, we opted for surgery (something I never thought I’d do).  Now we are ten days into recovery, which could take some months.  He can tell now that he needs to go out but can’t walk, so we have to take him out several times a day, using a sling to support his hind legs.  We also have to do physical therapy exercises several times a day to keep his muscles and joints active while he’s healing. 
2)      Our son developed a cough over Independence Day weekend, which settled into his chest.  I saw him touch his ear twice and thought possible ear infection?  Luckily, we had a doctor’s appointment scheduled, so he is using a nebulizer for the chest cold and taking amoxicillin for the ear infection.  He seems to be doing better now, but we have to do the nebulizer ever 4 hours when he’s awake.  Have you ever done a breathing treatment on an active 9 month old?  It’s not pretty.
3)      Hubby has a lot going on at work, so although he helps, he’s been busy going back and forth to the barn in the evenings and leaving for work early in the mornings.  That leaves most of the baby and dog dealings to me.
Between the baby and the dog, I am ready for bed by 9pm most nights.  This hasn’t boded well for my house or my sewing projects.  A dress I had hoped to sew up this week hasn’t even been cut yet, and my quilting projects are just hanging by the machine. 
Let’s not even talk about my garden.  The poor flowers are wilting from the heat and lack of watering and TLC, and my veggie garden, well . . . it’s a veritable jungle.  A jungle with lots of produce starting to ripen . . . which means I’ll need to become a canning queen soon.  Ahhhhh!
So what’s a working mom cum nurse cum Jolly Green Giant to do?  Call in the troops – my mom!  She came yesterday afternoon and is going to keep the little one at home the rest of this week.  I figured it would be easier on everyone than daycare having to deal with the breathing treatments.  Not only is it great to have an extra set of hands, but she’s been helping me clean!  The bliss!  I may get to actually sit down and sew here in a day or two!
I promise I’m going to try to sew and try to blog more . . . it’s just a bad time of year for all that.

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