Monday, February 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I'm home from work today and either scurrying around trying to get stuff accomplished while the kids are at daycare or being a slug while the kids are at daycare . . .

But here's what's on my design wall these days:
- a couple sections for a selvage spider web quilt
- a small courthouse steps block (each log is 1/2" finished)
- blocks for my Gypsy Wife quilt
- some random green and brown pieces I pieced into a long strip - I'll find a use for it somewhere
- most of a Burgoyne Surrounded block for the APQ Quilt-Along (#APQquiltalong - so not on top of that one - other people are already done and I am still cutting strips here and there)

Of course, the Farmer's Wife quilt is on the table right now.  I'll be chained to the machine until it's done.


  1. You are busy! The Burgoyne Surrounded block looks nice; I look forward to seeing the whole thing. I just, briefly, considered doing the Gypsy Wife, so I really admire anyone who IS doing it. Good luck!

    1. I am doing the Gypsy Wife as a QAL, otherwise I'd probably get burnt out. The spiderweb block and Courthouse Steps block are long term projects when I just want to do some fun sewing. And Burgoyne Surrounded... well, that's probably going to take forever. :)



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