Monday, February 24, 2014

Party Like It’s Your Birthday!

Because it is!  (Well, mine anyways.)  I have had a pretty fabulous day – not because of anything special.  I just woke up in a good mood after a good sleep and determined to keep up with the fabulousness all day.  We need to appreciate fabulous days more often.  We need to create everyday fabulous days more often.

My birthday supper: home canned beef with gravy over noodles, green beans, homemade chocolate cheesecake and ice cream for dessert.  Yummy.  I may or may not be in my stretchy pajama pants and ratty roomy t-shirt as I write this.  I am fashionable, y’all.

I ordered the Urban Tiles pattern and coordinating Quick Curve Ruler earlier this month, and they just so happened to get delivered today.  Hooray!  They won’t get any use for a while, but I wanted to go ahead and get them before I forgot about it. 

Also, my grandparents gave me some money, so I’m trying to decide which fabric to buy.  I have my eye on a few different things.  So much fabric, so little money . . .

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