Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Since the Olympics started, I’ve been making a concerted effort to stay upstairs and watch the evening coverage rather than lurking in my basement sewing cave.  However, not sewing for a couple weeks isn’t an option if I want to keep my sanity.  So I pulled out the box with my clamshell quilt and have been working on it while we watch skiing, figure skating, and the like. 

The baby is in bed – because he is not a happy camper after 7:30.

My four-year old is full of questions – Who do we like (cheer for)?  :Answer:  Why are they doing X?  :Answer:  Why?  :Answer:  Why?  :Answer:  Why?  (You get the picture.) 

My husband dozes on and off in the arm chair (he’s worked a full day and then helped feed the cattle and sheep after work). 

And I, I stitch. 

I measured the other evening, and my quilt was 54” wide by 45” long.  To keep it the same proportions as a 60”x72” throw quilt, I am going to make it 65” long.  I then measured my clamshells and figured out each row adds 2” to the length (Are you kidding me?  That’s it?  Why didn’t I know this ahead of time?)

The good news: it’s just 10 more rows. 
The bad news:  it’s 10 more rows.  And I may need to make a few more clamshells - my box is running low on variety.

Since I measured, I’ve added one row and just last night pinned and got started on a second row.  So I have 8.5 rows to go.  We’ll see how far I get after the closing ceremony.

One of my “goals” for the year is to focus on one UFO a month.  Maybe not finishing them, but making a focused effort to work on them.  I hadn’t intended for February to be clamshells, but I guess it counts.  I’m hoping this one will be done for the Christmas season this year.  It’s only been four years . . .


  1. This is just gorgeous! I love it :^) For some reason I always put Christmas sewing off until it's the right 'season,' but by the time the season comes it's basically too late! I've had a few Christmas quilt plans on the go for quite some time, and I can see how it would easily become four years... especially for a top with so much work involved! It's wonderful!



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