Monday, February 3, 2014

Gypsy Wife Quilt-Along

I'm taking on a new project this year.  I surely don't need any more projects, but I saw this quilt by Jen Kingwell, fell in love, and had to make it.  It just so happened that a quilt-along has just started at Factotum of Arts - I was able to get my pattern and get started just in time!
Here are the first month's blocks:

Colour Wheel

and Pinwheel filler blocks
My plan was to use stash, cut into some designer fabric I've been hoarding, and have a loose color scheme.  My plan was aqua, blues, greens, reds, a touch of red and yellow, grays, low volume prints, and no brown.  I pulled a big stack of fabrics and then pulled from my bags of untamed scraps and then just started cutting and sewing . . . I'm pretty sure this quilt is going to be crazy and wild but hopefully coherent and pretty in the end.

Check out the Gypsy Wife Quilt-Along Flickr group for more beautiful blocks!

And check out Riddle & Whimsy for this month's linkup...There's a giveaway!


  1. Love your blocks, you had them finished so early :-)

  2. love your color scheme! it's looking fabulous so far. this is such a great quilt to use up scraps and just go wild!



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