Thursday, March 18, 2010

All Packed Up

. . . and ready to go.  I have one last piece of fabric in the dryer, but everything else sewing-related is already packed up and in the car.  I'll put that last piece in with it as soon as it's done. 

Tomorrow after work, the little one and I leave for Williamsburg and my family's "Old Ladies' Weekend."  (Not all of us are old, but we are all ladies.)  My son is the only male to attend, and he's only allowed because he's still nursing.  I have most things packed, but there are some things that have to wait for tomorrow morning.  I'm not sure how much sewing I'll get done, but I'm hoping to finish at least two projects (baby sling and nursing cover), possibly a third (a kitchen towel), and work on piecing some quilt blocks while I'm there.  Whatever happens, I know I'll have a good time with the ladies of my family, hanging out, catching up, and maybe doing a little sightseeing.

If I have internet and finish something, I might post this weekend, but if not, it'll likely be Monday night before you hear from me.


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