Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekend Plans

I have a big weekend planned. I need to finish quilting the VT quilt (I’m still waffling on the border design, but will probably stick with the easy over the complicated). I’ve only quilted 3 blocks, so I have 17 more plus the sashing and border. Luckily, the block design is not complicated, and if I can get a decent stretch of uninterrupted time, I can really make some progress. I will hand-stitch the binding during the week (it has to be done by Wednesday night).

Once I finish the quilt, I need to knock out some other projects. A sling is high on my priority list, as are burp cloths to sell (I don’t want to stare at that material any longer), and cloth diapers. Some of my other high-priority sewing projects need notions or material, and I need to wait until I can use my new coupons (Yay coupons!). I may also start on the “Great Sort.”

I should have some pictures of something sometime this weekend. (That sounds promising, doesn’t it?)

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