Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Might Actually Get to Sew . . .

but I'm not a fan of the reason.  First off, why I might get to sew the next couple of days.  My little one has RSV, got it at daycare, and has had to be home all week until he got better.  Well, he's gotten worse.  I just spent two hours at the doctor's doing breathing treatments and getting a rental nebulizer.  The pediatrician said I needed to be the one home with him the next couple of days, so I called my boss, and he gave me the green light to stay home and get him better.  So I'll probably have time to sew, but I'd rather the little one be at daycare, me be at work, and squeezing in the sewing when I can as per normal. 

Now for what happened to my weekend.  I did finish ALL the quilting of the baby quilt.  It took me all Saturday and half of Sunday (with random breaks for taking care of the baby, errands, and some relaxing).  I don't recommend doing that - my back was killing me for two days afterward.  Sunday night I got a fabulous stomach virus, so I was home from work Monday with my also-sick baby, but didn't get the binding started.  I finally started the binding last night, but since we're not going to the shower now (can't travel with a sick little one), I have more time to finish it. 

It has been one heck of a couple of weeks, and I am ready for some happy breaks.  Maybe if I get some sewing done and my baby starts to get better, my mood will pick up. 

Pics once I actually finish this quilt.  I promise.

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